Quarter Finn Texel 1/4 Finn-1/4 Texel-1/2 Romney & Perendale

Key Points:

  • Tough lambs, extremely hardy
  • Well muscled
  • Durable, fertile ewes
  • Fecund hoggets
  • Easy-care sheep
  • Scans 170% plus, few triplets

General Information:

  • SIL Recorded; NZ Animal Breeding Trust (Bureau)
  • Stabilised crossbred for all NZ conditions
  • Lambs small and vigorous at birth
  • Lamb growth up to 400gms per day
  • High lamb survival
  • Carcasses high yeilding. ‘Market Choice’ type
  • Lambs finish well to heavy weights
  • Soft, very white, long, bulky, 32-34 micronwool
  • Medium adult body size
  • Excellent foragers; self reliant
  • Easy-care ewes; alert. Good milkers
  • Ewes maintain body condition under adverse conditions

Comments: Combines the toughness of Perendales and Texels with Finn fertility. They are the ‘best’ survivors of ‘three-breed’ crossbreds. Extremely popular sheep breed now found everywhere in NZ.