Perendale Texel

Key Points:

  • Very hardy, very tough, good natured
  • Best as maternal sires
  • Extremely well muscled
  • White, bulky, 34 micron wool
  • Low maintenance sheep
  • Outstanding lamb survival

General Information:

  • Birth weight 3 to 4 kgs
  • Bond well with lambs
  • Responds well to either intensive farming or no shepherding
  • Lambs growth rate 250-350gms per day
  • High yeilding carcases. ‘Lamb Oscar’ finalists, 2007
  • White, bulky 34 micron wool, 4 to 5kgs per ewe
  • Ewes require 80-85% of the feed normally provided to winter traditional NZ whiteface sheep
  • Good foragers. Grow few dags, if any
  • Outstanding lamb survival
  • Mobile sheep which muster easily
  • Natural tolerance to parasites higher than found in NZ white-face ewes
  • 112 days lactation may have 100% of these lambs ready for slaughter at 15+kg carcase weight
  • Medium sized, compact, stocky sheep

Comments: Increasingly being used because it is tough and runs on little fuel. ‘Relaxed’ Perendale Texels require little attention. There is a shortage of breeding stock nationwide.