Key Points:

  • Rapid early growth rates
  • Non-seasonal mating
  • Drought tolerant
  • Unmatched lamb survival
  • Muscled carcase, high yielding
  • Ideal ram for hogget mating

General Information:

  • SIL Recorded; NZ Animal Breeding Trust (Bureau)
  • Dorpers are hardy
  • Lambs are born with an insulating layer of wool
  • Lamb growth rate is similar to those of NZ prime sires
  • Large skin area under the tail. Few dags
  • Dorpers are blocky and well-muscled
  • Sexually promiscuous ram and ewe lambs
  • Carcase weight to live weight yield percentage is high
  • Ewes are non-seasonal breeders
  • Ewes are capable of two matings annually
  • Rams maybe used for breeding or as terminal sires
  • Dorpers were developed in South Africa for the harshest of conditions
  • Medium sized sheep. Very good rams for hogget mating

Comments: Dorpers are an interesting addition to the NZ sheep genepool. Dorpers have succeeded in some awful environments. ‘Ethical’ sheep; short tail, large anal skin area, little belly wool. Athough foot problems still exist, selection pressure will soon eliminate these. This breed has the potential to change the NZ sheep industry.