Key Points:

  • Hardy, tough and good natured
  • Rams either terminal or breeder sires
  • Extremely well muscled
  • White, bright, bulky 34 micron wool
  • Minimal winter feed requirements
  • High tolerance to parasites

General Information:

  • SIL Recorded; NZ Animal Breeding Trust (Bureau)
  • Low birth weight 3 to 4kg
  • ‘Milking’ sheep with strong bonds to their lambs
  • Lamb growth up to 350 grams per day
  • Well muscled sheep ideal for the processor
  • High yielding carcases
  • White, bulky 34 micron wool, 4 to 5kg
  • Ewes need 80% to 85% of the feed of NZ whiteface ewes through winter
  • Good foragers
  • Friendly, curious sheep
  • Traits of conformation and quietness are strongly inheritable
  • Tolerance to parasites is 30% higher than in NZ sheep
  • 112 day lactation will produce lambs up to 100% ready for slaughter at carcase weight of 15+ kgs
  • Medium sized sheep. Tough, hardy lambs who survive

Comments: Texels have become an established part of ewes breeding replacements. Texels have the best carcase yield characteristics of NZ sheep breeds. The top ‘market choice’ lamb producing sire. The best breed for red meat yield in many comparative trials.