Key Points:

  • Rams and ewes sexually precocious
  • A fecund breed, many more lambs
  • Browsers rather than grazers
  • Good tolerance to facial eczema
  • Excellent survival, longevity
  • Productive, with repeatable performance

For an 8-page information pack on the advantages of Finn genetics, click here.

General Information:

  • SIL Recorded; NZ Animal Breeding Trust (Bureau)
  • Low birth size-2.5 to 3.5kg
  • Growth rate up to 300 grams per day
  • Lean sheep with fat stored internally
  • Long, lustrous, fine wool 26 to 29 micron
  • Crossbred progeny fatten well to heavy carcase weights
  • First cross progeny will wean 50% more lambs
  • Bearings rare
  • Finn cross ewes are protective, vigilant mothers; they multiple suckle
  • 100% may be weaned from Finn cross hoggets
  • Ewes mob and muster easily. Mobile
  • Extremely productive sheep with repeatable performance.
  • Rams do not eat much during tupping. Ram lambs for processing should be wethered to minimise sexual activity. Lusty rams. Pure Finns like dry climates. Ewes reach mature weights in year three.

Comments: Finn rams used throughout New Zealand have produced extremely fecund, productive sheep whose performance has outstripped local breeds. NZ whiteface Finn ewes scan up to 250%.