Key Points:

  • Tough lambs, extremely hardy
  • Well muscled
  • Durable, fertile ewes
  • Fecund hoggets
  • Easy-care sheep
  • Improving facial eczema tolerance

General Information:

  • SIL Recorded; NZ Animal Breeding Trust (Bureau)
  • Lambs born small, without difficulty
  • Lambs bond strongly with their mothers
  • Growth rate, up to 400 grams per day
  • White, bulky wool approximately 34 micron
  • Lambs have medium to good muscling
  • Many prime lambs at weaning
  • Lambs maybe grown to very heavy weights
  • Efficient grazers and converters of grass to meat
  • Easy care sheep. Longevity
  • High live weight to carcase weight yield
  • Very pleasant meat to eat
  • Reasonable to good parasite resistance
  • Scanning percentage-170% plus, with few triplets

Comments: Ewes mature late and are still growing as four tooths. This breed is used throughout the whole of New Zealand. Despite a major drought in 2007, OSRS experienced unaltered conception rates in Finn Texel ewes.